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Reliability, Failures

Normal Accidents (Perrow) [Item Image]
Normal Accidents: Living With High-Risk
Technologies by Charles Perrow
by Charles Perrow

A noted Yale sociologist examines how and why catastrophic accidents occur in
high-tech industries - nuclear power, petrochemical and aerospace - and argues that
they are becoming nearly inevitable in our advanced technological society.

"Three Mile Island . . . Space Weapons . . . Marine Accidents . . . How and why
catastrophic accidents occur and the implications of technological complexity are
dissected. This is a valuable, practical and fascinating object lesson for any manager
in a technology-driven environment.

"A penetrating study . . Perrow writes lucidly and makes it clear that 'normal'
accidents are the inevitable consequences of the way we launch industrial ventures."
John Pfeiffer, The New York Times

"A well-written, wide-ranging book, full of insight, that may mark the beginning of
accident research.
David L. Sills, Nature

"The strength of this book lies in its detailed descriptions of the causes and
consequences of modern industrial accidents. In each case, Perrow attempts a
thorough inquiry into what could have been done to prevent the unfortunate
occurrence. Even regular readers of the news media will be astonished by the range
of problems and potential consequences he describes."
Issues in Science and Technology

"A book that demands to be read . . . We must know the potential for disaster if we
are to prevent it. This book is a valuable, indispensable contribution to this
Anthony Mazzocchi, Former Vice President, Oil Chemical and Atomic
Workers Union

Abnormal Blessings
1 Normal Accident at Three Mile Island
2 Nuclear Power as a High-Risk System: Why We Have Not Had More TMIs - But
Will Soon
3 Complexity, Coupling and Catastrophe
4 Petrochemical Plants
5 Aircraft and Airways
6 Marine Accidents
7 Earthbound Systems: Dams, Quakes, Mines and Lakes
8 Exotics: Space, Weapons and DNA
9 Living with High-Risk Systems
List of Acronyms

1984, 386 pages Order #DR-137 $23.25
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