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Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning
Consulting Services

Using our consultants makes creating your business continuity plan, disaster recovery plan, security plan, or pandemic plan quick and pain-free.

At Binomial International we have worked in a wide range of industries and environments, both here and overseas, with clients ranging from government agencies and large public corporations and to small businesses. We can bring that experience to your plan.

Our involvement can range from analysis to execution. We can:

  • Analyze your company, and recommend a business continuity strategy;
  • Write your plan for you;
  • Work with your staff to teach them how to write your plan;
  • Review your plan to help ensure it will work and meets your needs;
  • Assist you with devising, executing, and evaluating your testing and training exercises.

BCP / DRP Consulting Packages

In addition to custom consulting, we offer a number of convenient consulting packages designed to meet common needs:

  • Binomial JumpStart™ provides a convenient combination of in-house training, consulting, and software to get your plan started and on the right track.
  • Binomial FastTrack™ gets your initial plan in place as quickly as possible, and provides you with an action list to add further details to your plan as resources permit.
  • Binomial Ghost Consulting™ provides off-site advice and assistance to your staff behind-the-scenes as they develop the plan. We help you ask the right questions, interpret the answers, and structure your plan. We can also review your plan and suggest improvements, and recommend appropriate training and testing exercises.
  • Binomial Phone Coaching and Consulting can help keep you on track with your plan development. Stuck what to do next? Not sure if you are taking the right direction? We can help you ask the right questions and interpret the answers to get your plan written and updated.

Our objective at the end of the day is always to make sure you have a plan you are happy with, that meets your requirements, and that will be easy for you and your staff to maintain.

The Binomial Consulting Advantage...

Our customers find that using our services has a number of advantages:

  • Our consultants have experience of different types of company and different types of organization, bringing to your plan a range of knowledge which is unlikely to be available in-house.
  • Using consultants can be quicker, easier, and cheaper since staff do not need to be extensively trained in plan development and do not need to be relieved of existing responsibilities while the plan is being developed.
  • A consultant can often address issues which involve internal politics in a more straightforward manner since the consultant is not seen as competing for internal promotion or infringing on someone else's area of responsibility.

Binomial International consultants have worked with a wide variety of clients in a number of different industries. Why not put our breadth of knowledge to good use in developing your plan?

Call us now at 1 (877) BINOMIAL or 1 (877) 246-6642, or use our contact form to ask us to contact you.