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The Binomial FastTrack™ DRP/BCP Consulting Package

A Binomial FastTrack is designed for clients who wish to get their initial business continuity / disaster recovery plan in place as quickly as possible with the minimum amount of staff disruption.

Depending on the size and complexity of your organization, a FastTrack can get your first disaster recovery / business continuity plan developed for you in about six weeks.

Two or more of our experienced Binomial consultants will work with you and your staff to develop and present a completed plan as fast as possible.

Work will usually be split into:

  • two weeks of our consultants working intensively with you on site to gather the information needed, and to discuss possible approaches;
  • two weeks of our consultants working independently off-site to develop most of the plan;
  • one or two weeks of our consultants working with you on-site to review and finalize the plan, and to identify the remaining tasks that need to be carried out after the initial plan is completed.

The deliverables from this work typically include:

  1. A confidential review document, presenting in bullet form any observations we may have on the risk and vulnerabilities facing your organization, the backup and recovery procedures already in place, and the proposed strategies for business recovery.
  2. A business continuity / disaster recovery plan which describes how your organization will recover and continue in operation following a serious incident;
  3. An action list of future actions required to fill in any remaining details in your plan, and to subsequently maintain and update your plan.

Ordering Information

To request your Binomial FastTrack™, or to obtain further information, telephone us at
1 (877) BINOMIAL or 1 (877) 246-6642.

Alternatively, you can use our Contact Form to request us to call you.