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The Binomial JumpStart™ DRP/BCP Consulting Package

A Binomial JumpStart is an intensive two-day event, covering the material described below. One of our senior consultants will work closely with five or six of your staff. The consultant will teach them and lead them as far along the path to a completed plan as possible.

Included with a JumpStart is a 3-user license for Binomial's PlanBuilder for Business Continuity, along with a year's unlimited technical support.

See the PlanBuilder for Business Continuity Price List for current pricing. Prices for JumpStart do not include travel and living expenses.

Note that a JumpStart is always tailored to the needs of your organization, and will be adjusted to meet your needs.

Binomial JumpStart — Day One

Session 1: Orientation

The day will start with an orientation with regard to your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning efforts to date.

Session 2: BCP Instruction

The remainder of the day will be used to provide an intense and solid education in the best practices for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning. All aspects will be covered, including:

  • Overview of BCP, DRP, and DRI and ITIL ITSCM standard.
  • The Planning Framework.
  • Emergency Response.
  • Awareness.
  • Project Initiation and Management.
  • Risk Evaluation and Control (Risks, Threats, Vulnerabilities and Mitigation & Control)
  • Business Impact Analysis and business process based BIA methods.
  • Developing Strategies.
  • Implementing Recovery strategies.
  • Developing the Plan (BCP and DR Plans).
  • Public Relations and Crisis Communications.
  • Coordination with Public Authorities.
  • BC and DR testing.
  • Maintaining the plan(s).
  • Exercising the plan(s).

Binomial JumpStart — Day Two

Session 3: What You Are Going To Do

This session concentrates on the adaption of best practices to your organization's needs. This will include:

  • Discussion of how the project should proceed to accomplish your prime Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning objectives with the highest level of effectiveness, in the shortest time frame and at the lowest cost.
  • Development of a draft plan of attack including outline project plan with key tasks to complete the work.
  • Assigning tasks to people.
  • Assigning completion dates to staff.
  • Determining offsite locations and requirements for staff.

Session 4: PlanBuilder Introduction

This session will introduce the use of Binomial's PlanBuilder for Business Continuity as your written plan development, creation, and management tool. It will include:

  • Short overview of the PlanBuilder Software and its use.
  • Server installation for Enterprise usage.
  • Establishing and applying permission control access to plans.

Session 5: Developing The First Draft

A specific plan for your organization will be created using the PlanBuilder software. This will include:

  • Selection of appropriate procedures.
  • Selection of appropriate teams.
  • Selection of appropriate databases, and population with initial data.
  • A walk through of the Binomial PlanBuilder approach, explaining the package and its relevant features.
  • A discussion on how to publish and maintain your plans.

Session 6: Review and Conclusion

  • Review project plan, next steps and procedures and task assignment to ensure completion of all tasks.
  • Review of next steps in the implementation and use of PlanBuilder software.
  • Review of plan creation, editing, publishing and maintenance procedures.
  • Closing discussion, questions a wrap up.

Requesting a Binomial JumpStart

To request your Binomial JumpStart, or to obtain additional information, please call us at at 1 (877) BINOMIAL or 1 (877) 246-6642. Alternatively, you may use our Contact Form to request that we call you.