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Pandemic Planning

A pandemic is not like most other disasters: it can't be dealt with by simply relocating your staff to a new location. You need to minimize both the probability and the effects of a disruption so that you can continue operations despite the staff shortages, supplier disruptions, uncertainty and panic a pandemic can cause.

You have to plan in advance: the 2009 H1N1 and the 2002 SARS outbreak showed just how quickly a pandemic can spread.

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Binomial PlanBuilder for Pandemics

Starting with the right tool — Binomial PlanBuilder for Pandemics — it needn't take long to develop your pandemic plan.

Developed in response to client requests and as part of our work developing business continuity and pandemic plans for clients, PlanBuilder makes it easy to create and then to refine your plan.

PlanBuilder runs on your PC. You feed in some basic information, select which sections and teams to include in your plan, customize sections and assign staff to match your organization, then push a button to let Binomial PlanBuilder for Pandemics generate your plan.

There are a number of editions to choose from depending upon who you work for:


  • Lets you start from an expert-written template matching your organization's needs.
  • Easily generates the information required in your pandemic plan
  • Makes your plan easy to revise and maintain
  • Has multi-user capabilities, allowing cross-departmental collaboration
  • Publishes your plan as a Microsoft Word document for easy distribution or web publishing.

Once you have completed working through the main modules, a few simple clicks will generate your complete Pandemic Preparedness Plan and export it to Microsoft Word.

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Did You Know...?

The Pandemic Flu of 1918, in an age without air transport, spread to every country in the world and killed over 40 million people. [1]

The 2009 outbreak of H1N1 Swine Flu in Mexico spread to 20 countries, infected more than 4000 people, and killed more than 100 within weeks of first being detected. It spread to over 100 countries in 3 months despite initial efforts at containment. Like the 1918 outbreak, it affected young healthy adults, rather than just the young and the old. [2]

In 2003 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) spread to 37 countries in a matter of weeks, killed nearly 10% of the 8,000 people it infected, and caused widespread disruption to trade and tourism.[3]

Recently we have been lucky. Things could easily have been much worse.

It's therefore no surprise that most national and local governments place pandemics at the top of their list of risks.

Where is it on yours?