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Binomial PlanBuilder for Pandemics
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Download and Installation

My authorization code has expired. What should I do?

Fill out the download request form again and receive a new code.

The installation program will not run.

This occasionally happens when a network error truncates the download of the installation program.

Check that the size of the downloaded file is the same as the size shown on the page you downloaded it from. If it is a different size, repeat the download.

Microsoft Word cannot be found

The program requires Microsoft Word 2003/2007/2010 in order to run. During installation a check is made to ensure that Microsoft Word is installed. This check looks in the system registry, where the program also looks for Microsoftt Word.

Occasionally the entries in the system registry become corrupted (we suspect this sometimes happens after installing Word 2007 then rolling back to Word 2003). In this case you need to ask Word to fix the system registry. Assuming Word was installed in the default location, you can do this by entering one of the following commands at either the command prompt or the start menu Run... prompt:

      "c:\program files\Microsoft Office\Office11\WINWORD.EXE" /RegServer
      "c:\program files\Microsoft Office\Office12\WINWORD.EXE" /RegServer
      "c:\program files\Microsoft Office\Office10\WINWORD.EXE" /RegServer
      "c:\program files\Microsoft Office\Office\WINWORD.EXE" /RegServer

depending upon whether you have Word 2003 (Office 11), Word 2007 (Office 12) or an earlier version installed. Note that the quotation marks around the path to the program are required.

You should see a dialog appear indicating that Word is being reinstalled. You require administrative privileges to run this command, so if necessary ask you IT department to perform this command.

PlanBuilder should then install and run correctly.

Problems Editing Sections in Microsoft Word

It is possible that an old Microsoft Word AddIn is preventing Microsoft Word from being sucessfully integrated into the program. (AddIns are sometimes installed silently by programs to add extra entries to menus or add buttons to toolbars. This is sometimes done using methods which are not recommended by Microsoft and which can create problems for other programs which integrate with Microsoft Word, such as ours.)

Try closing the program, running Microsoft Word and disabling any AddIns, closing Word, and then running the program again.

You can find detailed instructions on disabling AddIns for your particular version of Word by searching Microsoft Word Help for the phrase Remove AddIn

If it appears that an AddIn which you currently use is causing the problem, check with the vendor's website for a more recent version.

Creating your Pandemic Plan

How do I move sections around?

Sections can be dragged and dropped in the tree view on the left hand side of the main display.

To make a section a sub-section of another section, drop it to the right of the new parent section's name.

How do I rename a section?

With the section name selected in the tree view, either right click on the section name and select Rename from the context menu, or press function key F2.

You can also double-click on a section name to rename it.

How do I import text from Microsoft Word™?

For a straightforward block of text, simply select the text and drag and drop it where you want it to appear in the tree view. A new section will be created to hold the text.

For more complex situations, copy and paste the text between Microsoft Word and the section editor.

Why can't I print out the entire plan?

Although it might seem like a good idea to be able to print the entire plan, our experience suggests that it isn't. The problem is that if you make a minor change to the plan (for example, change somebody's home phone number), you have to reprint the entire plan. If the plan ends up on paper, printing out a 1500 page plan for the sake of a few changes consumes an awful lot of trees! Even if you never print out the plan on paper, if a plan is frequently updated you will probably end up asking people to repeatedly review material that has not changed. They won't be happy if you do that.

The solution we have taken, is to split the plan into Modules, each of which can be independently reviewed and printed. Most of the modules will rarely change, while others, particularly those concerned with team plans, are likely to change more frequently.

Purchasing PlanBuilder for Pandemics

How much does it cost?

Current pricing can be found on the purchase page.

What is included in maintenance?

Maintenance includes unlimited telephone and email support, plus updates and upgrades.

With maintenance you always have access to the latest version of PlanBuilder for Pandemics.

Where can I find the manual?

The latest manual can be downloaded from the help page.

Training and Consulting for Pandemic Planning

I need help with my plan. Is consulting available?

We provide consulting services to assist you in developing your pandemic preparedness plan or, if required, we can develop the entire plan for you. Please call us at 1 (877) BINOMIAL or 1 (877) 246-6642 or contact us for more information.

Are seminars, workshops, or training available?

Please call us at 1 (877) BINOMIAL or 1 (877) 246-6642 or contact us to arrange pandemic preparedness training.

If these FAQs do not answer your question, please contact us using the support form.