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Useful Resources for Pandemic Planning

See also our specific sets of resources:

Pandemic Planning Videos

We have located a number of videos related to pandemic planning which you may find useful in understanding the reasons for the concern about pandemics, as well as the problems involved in planning for them.

Recent Blog Entries related to Pandemics

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Recent Pandemic Tweets

Our low volume twitter feed concentrates on news or resources useful for business continuity professionals concerned with pandemic planning. See or follow our twitter feed @PandemicPlanner.

You may also find some of our older tweets on Pandemic Planning useful.

Articles and Essays

  • Risky Thinking
    Original articles and resources on risk management and business continuity. There is also a free newsletter to which you can subscribe.

Key Resources

The most well-known pandemic resources in the U.S. are:

Selected Pandemic Planning Resources

Here are some less well-known resources:

National Pandemic Plans

This is a sampling of country plans from around the world.

Most of these were written between the SARS epidemic and the 2009 flu pandemic.

Got a good pandemic planning resource we've missed? Please contact us and let us know.