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PlanBuilder for Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

PlanBuilder for Business Continuity is Microsoft Windows software which will help you to quickly and easily create and maintain your organization's Business Continuity Plan (BCP) or Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

Starting with professionally written content tailored to your company's size and industry, you decide which sections, teams, and databases to include in your plan. You edit the sections, teams, and data to match your organization, rearrange or insert additional plan elements, then let the software do the rest.

PlanBuilder for Business Continuity:

  • Quickly creates a first draft of your plan, so you never start with a blank sheet of paper.
  • Provides a standard structure, which makes your plan easy to review, revise and maintain.
  • Has multi-user capabilities, so more than one person can work on the plan at the same time.
  • Can reduce BCP/DRP development time by over 75%, especially when combined with training.
  • Is available in multiple editions to suit different kinds of businesses, including large and small companies, banks and credit unions, hospitals, internet service providers. and data centers.There's even a special version for biotechnology companies.
  • Supports content in multiple languages (the supplied content is in English)
  • Includes one year unlimited email and telephone support.

Can I see an example plan?

Yes, we have various example business continuity plan tables of contents produced by PlanBuilder.

How much does PlanBuilder cost? How can I purchase PlanBuilder?

Click here for purchasing information

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