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PlanBuilder for Security - Easy Security Plan Creation

Security incidents are a fact of life for most companies.

Whether it is computer security, physical security, or travel security, your organization needs plans, polices and procedures in place to protect your staff, your company, and your customers.

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Binomial PlanBuilder for Security

Binomial PlanBuilder for Security is designed to help you rapidly create and maintain all the plans and procedures your company or organization needs in today's complex world. Running on a secure PC, PlanBuilder enables you to choose the plans and procedures suitable for your organization, rapidly customize them, and maintain them through the inevitable changes in staff assignments and business changes.

With a few clicks of the mouse, you can create the first draft of your security plan, customized to deal with the threats you judge to be most critical to your organization. You can then refine and maintain the plan using our structured editor to ensure the security plan meets your requirements.

PlanBuilder for Security is available in multiple editions to fix your requirements and company size:

  • PlanBuilder for Physical Security, available in Corporate and Small Business editions, covers physical security plans for the protection of your location and staff.
  • PlanBuilder for IT Security, available in Corporate and Small Business editions, covers the security of your computers and networks.
  • PlanBuilder for Physical + IT Security, available in Corporate and Small Business editions, creates a single plan covering both physical and IT security needs.

Click here to download a trial copy of Binomial PlanBuilder for Security.

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