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Training Seminar:
Total Integrated Business Continuity Plan Maintenance

Now that you've written your recovery plan, your problem is to maintain it efficiently and effectively. As part of its consulting services, Binomial maintains the Business Continuity Plans for a number of organizations. In this two-day seminar we will pass on to you the most effective techniques we use to maintain our clients' business continuity plans.

What will I learn?

In this seminar you will learn how to:

  • Test your plan, to ensure that if disaster strikes, your plan will work.
  • Train your staff, so that when disaster strikes, they will put the plan into action.
  • Maintain your plan, to take account of changes in staff or business areas.
  • Audit your plan, to ensure that it meets your requirements.

By the end of the two days you will have learned how to maintain your plan using the best techniques we know.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone responsible for managing the Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning process
  • Managers of companies that don't have a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan in place or the Plan is out of date
  • Prospective Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planners
  • Members of Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Teams or Emergency Reaction Teams
  • Managers of: operations, security, database management, MIS, IT, call centers, retail, associations, non-profit organizations
  • Financial officers and controllers

Where and When are seminars being held?

Currently we do not have any spaces available at a scheduled public seminar. Additional seminars are being planned.

You can, however, arrange an in-house seminar for your staff. Given staff travel and accommodation costs, this approach is often more cost-effective than a public seminar when several staff will attend.

Please contact us to arrange a seminar for your staff or to be informed when the new seminars are scheduled.

Seminars provide two days of intensive instruction on maintaining your business continuity/disaster recovery plan.

Seminars are also available as customized or in-house seminars. Contact us for more details.

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